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 Rent-A-Dumpster dumpster rental

1) Can I put cement, rock, bricks, dirt, sand, or stone in the dumpster?

– No. These items are too heavy for our dumpsters. We also do not allow tires, hazardous material, asbestos, gas tanks, or hazardous chemicals.


2) I need to move my dumpster to a different location. Am I allowed to move it?

– No, you are not allowed to move the dumpster, but Rent-A-Dumpster will move your dumpster to another location in close proximity for a $75 additional fee.


3) My quote form showed you do not deliver to my area. Do you have custom pricing?

– Yes. For any location North of 8 Mile, West of I-275, or South of Flat Rock that shows a “Do Not Deliver”, an additional fuel service charge will be added. We do have a limit on further locations. Please call (313) 999-1352 or fill out the quote form with comments for additional details.


4) What if I need to use a dumpster for more than 7 Days?

-Yes. An additional $25 per day or $100 per week will be added to your original price. We can not guarantee extensions prior to a signed contract. Please call ahead for scheduling extensions.


5) If I fill my dumpster over the orange line, how much extra will I be charged?

– Our Orange Line Policy is when we send you a dumpster one size larger than requested if you are unsure of how much space you will need. If you go over the orange line, we charge an additional $25 for 10/5, $85 for 20/10, and $75 for 30/20.


6) What items can go in your dumpsters?

– Please check out our dumpsters page. Each dumpster can hold different items. We do NOT allow any cement, rock, bricks, dirt, sand, stone, tires, hazardous material, asbestos, gas tanks, or hazardous chemicals in any of our dumpsters.


7) Can I load the dumpster above the top rim?

– NO! Never overload a dumpster! This can be hazardous to you, our workers, and others on the road if items fall from the dumpster. Do not fill above the fill line.


8) What forms of payment do you accept?

– We accept credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept cash payments, but not for the Orange Line Policy.


9) We need help cleaning out junk from our house/apartment. Do you help clean out?

– Yes, but for an additional fee of $50/hr for a two-man team. This service is ideal for spring/fall cleaning and moving. Check out our Junk Clean Out Service and call us today for availability.

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