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Dimensions and Pictures

Not sure what size dumpster you need?

Then you’ll love our exclusive Orange Line Policy!

Rent-A-Dumpster is the ONLY company that offers such a deal. We will bring a one size larger dumpster than you think you need and you only pay for what you use. Contact any sales associate at 313-999-1352 for more details about this service.

5 Yard Dumpster

Width: 6 feet

Length: 12 feet

Height: 2 feet

Can hold 16.5 squares of shingles

10 Yard Dumpster

Width: 6 feet

Length: 12 feet

Height: 4 feet

Can hold 33 squares of shingles

20 Yard Dumpster

Width: 6 feet

Length: 16 feet

Height: 5.5 feet

Can hold 66 squares of shingles

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